Thursday, 26 March 2015

Pom Pom Perfection

 Pom Pom Makers have been a bestseller of ours for a while...and i'm not surprised, who wouldn't love these fun little gadget's?! They are certainly a far cry from the cereal box cutouts we used to use as kids and so much quicker!
These are so easy to use, even my five year old managed to master it after a couple of attempts but the design of them is a little perplexing if you have not come across them before so i've put together a little tutorial for you.
So here it is, 9 easy steps to Pom Pom Perfection. 

1. Open up each side of the Pom Pom Maker. Holding two of the arms together, wrap your chosen yarn around them. Continue until all the plastic is covered. It should look like a plump satsuma segment! Trim off and close this side of the Pom Pom maker.
2. Repeat the same actions on the opposite side, ensuring the thickness of your wrapping is even on both sides of the Pom Pom maker.
3. Trim excess yarn and close. 
4. With sharp scissors cut along the gap through the centre of the Pom Pom maker
5. Ensure all strands of yarn are cut. 
6. Cut another length of yarn to secure your Pom Pom. Make it long enough to tie a secure know and to hang if you wish.
7. Carefully tie a knot, ensuring it is tight around the centre of the Pom Pom maker. I like to double it up just in case.
8. Open up the arms of the Pom Pom maker and pull apart at the centre gently.
9. Fluff up your Pom Pom and trim any uneven or loose threads.
All finished!Once you have got the hang of it you can have hours of fun playing around with different colour combos and textures. And why not stop there, if you use pure wool to make your pom pom's you can felt them either under a warm tap or in the washing machine and create some fab wool beads! 

Sarah x

Pocket and Pin

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Habdash - April Showers bring May Flowers

The boxes have all been sent so it’s time to share the contents of this month’s box! 
The theme this time around was ‘April Showers bring May Flowers’ and it was full of cool blue shades with a few floral hints and quirky umbrella prints. 

In advance of each months #habdash preparations I pull together inspiration boards on pinterest. I have so many ideas floating around, this really helps me divide things into themes and bring together colour palettes. Sometimes I will just have a colour palette in mind and will build a theme around that instead, or a particular product will jump out at me and I will build a box around that, either way it works for me. This time the idea came and the colours and products followed. 

I’ve decided to stick with the tradition of a miniature felt roll in each box as this is one of our key products and is a brilliant source for colour. Plus it is, hands down, the cutest component of the boxes! This month I’ve picked shades of blue with a hint of purple and mint to make it more feminine. As always, all colours can be purchased by the sheet in our online craft shop. There are also similar bundles available but this particular one is unique to #Habdash.
I adore the fabric in this box! I stumbled across this quirky umbrella print whilst at Craft, Hobby & Stitch last month and just had to have it for this box. It was PERFECT! 
I was able to source some vintage Broderie Anglaise this month, it’s getting trickier as the number of subscribers grows, to be able to include a bit of vintage but I managed to pull it off again…phew!         
I think this maybe the last time vintage trims or ribbons make an appearance as it’s getting harder and harder to source good quality ones, especially in large volume.  I will still always try but they will definitely not be a regular part of #Habdash.
Other trims in the box were some pretty Pink Ric Rac Braid and some Floral Print Cotton Ribbon. I am falling in love with Ric Rac all over again. It comes in fantastic colours and is a great basic for your craft stash. Kids love its simplicity too. Look out for Mini Ric Rac, Jumbo Ric Rac and maybe even some Velvet Ric Rac coming to the craft shop soon!
The Cotton Ribbon is a one off, it’s very unlikely I will be able to get this again, although I will try! We also have it in green and blue in our Trims and Ribbons section.

Next months box’ Hooray for May’ will be available to purchase either as a subscription or as a one off on Wednesday 1st April at 8am. More details available here.

Look out for little snapshots of what’s in the box over the next couple of weeks. You can expect lots of ‘May Day’ themed items and bright summery colours. You can check out my inspiration on our Pinterest page.

Sarah x
Pocket and Pin