Thursday, 23 April 2015

Habdash - Who could resist an Ice Cream Button?......

It’s time to reveal what was in this month's #Habdash Box!
This month’s box had a ‘May Day’ party theme and was posted out to our lovely subscribers in time for some bank holiday makes!
I took my initial inspiration from images of may poles and dancing around them with ribbons. I actually haven’t seen this done for years but I remember taking part at a school fete one summer when I was very young. Pop over to our Pinterest page for more inspiration.
Pocket and Pin Felt Bundles

I took this idea and incorporated satin ribbons and bunting print fabric into the box then used the colours in those as inspiration for the mini felt bundle.
This month’s felt bundle contained Leaf, Peacock, Lilac, Fuchsia, Orange, lemon and white. All of which can by purchased by the sheet on the Pocket and Pin website. Our felt is 30% wool and we can provide a copy of EN71 (toy safety) certificates from our supplier on request.

The bunting fabric is 100% cotton craft weight  and can be found in our craft shop for £2.75 per fat quarter.
The satin ribbons are 7m double satin in Lemon,  Mint and Fuchsia. There was one metre of each colour in each box. To compliment the fabric and felt further I included one metre of a blue scalloped embroidered trim wrapped around a cute dolly peg. Which of course, can be re-used in a variety of projects or just kept for ribbon storage!

The buttons are my absolute favourite element of this box! Who couldn’t find a use for cute little Ice Cream buttons, even if you don’t sew them on they would make a great addition to greetings cards or scrapbooking projects. Couple with some complimentary bright stripy buttons they fit perfectly within the theme.

The next #Habdash Box goes on sale on Friday 1st may at 8am. You can find out more details here.
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If you missed out on this months box, all the items are available in our craft shop.

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Sarah x

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