Sunday, 29 January 2017

Habdash Reveal: Make Me a Mix Tape

January's box was a lot of fun! Every few month's I like o throw in something a little less traditional with our fabric choice and it's always a popular one!
Primarily my aim for January was COLOUR and lots of it...with a little nod to Valentines day in the way of reminiscing my 80's childhood of creating 'Mix tapes' for the ones you loved!

We sold out again this month, and for that i can't thank you all enough. I have to keep a lid on the amount of boxes i create each month at the moment, simply due to the fact that i have two kiddo's, a husband and a day job to also think about. It's a juggle. Putting together these boxes of crafty treasures is a delight each month and i wish i could give you all more!

SO the fabric was the starting point this month, i saw it and couldn't resist it! It's bright, it's a little unusual but i hope you love it just as much as i do.
I found the denim buttons completely by accident, i hadn't originally considered denim but i loved the way they looked with the red hearts so a 'Happy Accident' it was! 

To finish off the button offering i added a few teeny Hearts from the 'Dress it Up' button range. They are really diddy and super cute.

As always we included eight shades of our 30% wool felt. They are Rose, White, Charcoal, Fuchsia, Baby Pink, Orange, Candy and Buttercup.

Feb's Boxes go on sale on Wednesday 1st. The theme for next month is Botanical. A complete contrast to this month! You can sign up to our newsletter to get a reminder sent straight to your inbox!

Happy Crafting!

Sarah x